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Water Damage Caused by Ice Damming

mainimgIce dams is snow that freezes and forms on the roof of your home. Often times, ice freezes at eavestroughs which blocks melted snow from draining outwards from the house. This results in pools of water forming on your roof and eventually finding its way into your house. Ice water penetrates through sheathing, insulations and wall cavities of your home. When water starts to leak through your roof, immediate action must be taken to prevent further damage.

Winmar Georgian Bay Muskoka's restoration services for water damage caused by ice damming include:

  • Removing snow and ice dams from the roof
  • Creating channels through the dam for the water to drain off the roof instead of making way into the house
  • Making the ceiling air tight and sealing any leakage paths
  • Water extraction from floors
  • Wall cavity drying
  • Immediate set-up of drying equipment to stabilize the environment to prevent mould growth

Water damage caused by ice damming can have many lingering effects, including structural damage of your roof from the weight of the accumulated ice dam. Ice damming can also cause damage to your roof covering, gutters and exterior paint. Winmar Georgian Bay Muskoka can remediate the damage caused by ice damming as well as assess the secondary damage that may have also been caused.

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