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Not taking appropriate action after a Flood can result in Mould

mainimgMould grows in damp or moist environments. A flooded home or office provides ideal conditions for mould to germinate and grow. The areas affected by a flood must be properly tended to in order to remove all traces of water. The area then needs to be properly dried to avoid high levels of humidity which can cause mould. Appropriate drying techniques need to be implemented in order to prevent mould from forming and spreading to other areas. At Winmar Georgian Bay Muskoka, our Mould Remediation Techniques immediately set-up drying equipment to stabilize the environment to prevent mould growth.

What are some signs of mould growth after a flood?

  • Visible Growth

    Mould can appear in different shades (white, brown, yellow, gray, black and green) and in a variety of textures (fuzzy, stained, discoloured and cottony).

  • Odour

    The presence of a musty odour in a room after flood restoration could indicate the growth of mould.

  • Signs of Moisture

    Signs of moisture even after drying up the flood water can include discoloration or watermarks on walls, carpets, woodwork, ceilings or other building materials - all of which can be a sign of mould growth.

  • Enclosed Spaces

    Enclosed spaces remain damp after a flood. Chances of mould growth are high in enclosed spaces.

If mould has grown as a result of a flood or water damage not properly tended to in your home or property, then immediately contact Winmar Georgian Bay Muskoka to implement mould removal techniques. Mould can spread quickly causing lingering effects on your property, belongings and your health.

Winmar Georgian Bay Muskoka's Mould Remediation Techniques include:

  • Erect containment according to classification of mould
  • Place the contained area under negative pressure using HEPA filtration devices
  • Once containment and negative pressure is in place, removal of contaminated materials is begun using appropriate techniques for the classification of mould
  • Following the removal of the contaminated material, the remaining structure can be cleaned using appropriate mould removal techniques

Serving Georgian Bay, Muskoka, Collingwood and Midland-Penetang. Contact a Mould Remediation Technician at Winmar Georgian Bay Muskoka.

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